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Cryptocurrency like you have never seen. Cryptocurrency like you have never imagined.

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Buying Mindexcoin

MindexCoin will open a world of possibilities. Will open your eyes to the unimaginable.

Selling Mindexcoin

MindexCoin will open a world of profits. Will open the door to benefits.

Mindexcoin Wallet

MindexCoin wallet will open a world of security. Will give you the key to the most advanced cryptography.


A world of possibilities.

The new cryptocurrency chapter

With 16.6 million units available at Mindex Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Mindex is opening doors to a new route and a new chapter in the history of cryptocurrency. How? Mindex will work on all exchanges and it will be the world's first ICO on travels. Do you like to travel as much as we do? Mindex can be used on the best airfare websites. After its launch, only 1 million units will be mined. Are you ready to be part of this new chapter right here and right now?


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) you the greatest travel cryptocurrency


16,6 million units available. The first block sale starts opening a door to a new chapter.


Invest and receive profit while MindexCoin grow up, opening the door to new possibilities.


Have full access to MindexCoin mining, opening the door to new beginnings every day.

Highest growth price

MindexCoin is unique and it is the first ICO on travels.

MindexCoin Features

A new chapter. A revolution in cryptocurrency. Do you want to be part of it?

ERC20 Token

Mindexcoin based on Ethereum Token Tecnology. Working with the same security and blockchain of the Ethereum.

Blockchain difficulty level

With the highest level of cryptography, MindexCoin digital currency and MindexCoin wallet are secure and incorruptible.


MindexCoin is challenging the world of cryptocurrency starting a new chapter and a new beginning.


MindexCoin is calling the attention of investors to backpackers, for ease, practicality and financial growth.

Decentralized money

MindexCoin is a part of new decentralized transactions and decentralized world. Having no central point of authority, your money is all yours.

MindexCoin Wallet

Our wallet is a software programmed to store private and public keys, giving you the possibility of securing your Mindexcoins.


A revolution and a new route in the history of cryptocurrency.

Mindexcoin New's

Know more about Mindexcoin into our Blog.


Mindexcoin (MIC) is a utility token that enables data operations on the Ethereum Decentralized Network. It's functions are the following:

  • - Incentive for nodes for performing:
  • - Discover & connect functionalities
  • - Supply chain consensus checks
  • - Data quality checks
  • - Data replication checks
  • - Data storage & management
  • - Filtering & delivering supply chain data

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