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The blockchain technology is an answer to today's society, and it will certainly be essential for the future. Bringing solutions to major recent problems and possible answers to problems the world has not seen yet

Mindexcoin News


We provide a Wallet system where you can store your Mindexcoin, track balance and transactions safely against malware and trojan breach attempts. The Wallet has advanced encryption technology so you have complete confidence in both the web version and the Offline version, ideal for anyone who will be mining.


A cryptocurrency payment system that will facilitate international trade making transactions much faster and less bureaucratic. A payment method to solve a global problem.

Mindexcoin's Timeline

1st ICO Round (ALL SOLD)
Dec 12th 2017
2nd ICO Round (ALL SOLD)
Dec 20th 2017
3nd ICO Round (ALL SOLD)
Dec 25th 2017
4th ICO Round (ALL SOLD)
Dec 30 2017
5th round ICO (ALL SOLD)
Jan 5th 2018
6th round ICO (ALL SOLD)
Jan 10th 2018
7th round ICO (ALL SOLD)
Jan 15th 2018
Launch Mining MIC ETH token
Feb 14th 2018
Start list on Exchanges (Trade)
Feb 15th 2018
Launch MindexWallet
Sept 8th 2018
Launch Mindexpay
Sept 11th 2018
Listed on CoinMarketCap
Sept 20th 2018
New Blockchain announcement
Jan 21st 2019
Mindexcoin on international media
Feb 5th 2019
SWAP MIC tokens for new Mindexcoin currency
Feb 5th 2019
Launch new Blockchain
Mar 20th 2019
Launch of the Airdrop Pool System
April 6th 2019
Start of launch in new exchanges
April 20th 2019
Firs international Conference in Hong Kong

May 5th 2019
Launch on IDAX Exchange
May 15th 2019
Launch of the Wallet Pool System
May 29th 2019
Launch on Digifinex Exchange
June 13th 2019
Partnership with E-commerce
June 20th 2019
Partnership with Casino
June 20th 2019
Cloud Mining
July 31th 2019
Event in Macau
September 20th 2019