Mindexcoin has its own blockchain, able to handle a high volume of transactions, putting the currency in an excellent position in the market. This technology consists of creating blocks within the network, but in a faster and more fluid way, maximizing the benefits such as transactions speed and safety.


Everyone can track transactions made in real time through the scan that records everything. The blockchain is able to register very fast and perform the transaction in a safe and transparent way.

Cost reduction

Without the need for a service of a company acting as an intermediary, as a bank, the transactions between cryptocurrencies are more attractive because they are direct between the two parties involved, making the service cheaper.


At the blockchain, transactions happen 24 hours a day, every day, independently of the sending and receiving place. This makes the shipping confirmation to usually occur before the services of banks and other related companies.


Due to mining, which validates the transactions, it can be said that the network is controlled by the network itself, not by the central server of the service, since this possibility does not apply to our context.